Being Healthy

Children at Bizzy Bees Nursery enjoy a variety of healthy, balanced and nutritious foods.

Menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared on site by our Nursery Cook. Menus are displayed on
our Parents’ Information Board.   Our Nursery Cook works closely with parents, especially if there is a
specific dietary requirement to their child.  Our menus change on a daily basis and consist of roast
chicken, potatoes, pasta bake and of course a vegetarian option.

A typical day at Bizzy Bees Nursery  starts off with breakfast of cereal and/or toast followed by a mid
morning snack for our babies. A healthy three course lunch follows at 11.30. Tea time is at 3.00 where
the children enjoy another healthy snack of sandwiches, yogurt and vegetable.  Water is available and
offer throughout the day.

At Bizzy Bees we believe the importance of mealtime and therefore children enjoy and experience the
social aspects of meal times; setting up the tables, talking about the foods they are about to eat and then
clearing away after themselves. Babies are introduced to cutlery and all their food intake is recorded in
our daily link books.

At Bizzy Bees, preparation of food is also part of our activities.  Cooking activities will encourage your
child to develop a range of skills such as fine motor skills, language, Science and Maths.  Babies are
introduced to healthy food concepts by treasure baskets and role play activities.  For range of activities,
please visit our Facebook - Bizzy Bees Nursery Ltd - Nursery and Preschool Care.

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